• Designed for the Medicare Local Networks, PAMS provides the tools to collect information and analyse the performance of the program without the need of building you own queries and reports.

  • Powerful features such as multi-tier funding management and tracking accessible through an easy to use user interface means that controlling and analysing your information has never been so easy.

  • Support for patients, referrers and service provider workflow management as defined by ATAPS.

  • With the additional support for the minimal dataset (MDS), PAMS provides powerful features to collect all MDS data elements and the ability to import and export the information to/from the MDS online site.

To learn more about Patient Management Approval System visit this link PAMS Overview



“PAMS latest version has been enhanced to support the minimum dataset. The new features include an easy to use user interface to collect data about patients, referrals and session. It also includes the ability of importing and exporting data making loading information on MDS site a simple task.”


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